Where are Spark Sports Locations?

Currently We are at AEON by Marakez next to Mall of Arabia in the 6th of october city offers a wide range of sports: Handball, Basketball, volleyball and performance training. 

Newgiza Club: If you’re a member of the New Giza Sports Club, come train handball with our specialized coaches in our facility inside the club only open for members. 

Porto Sporting Club Portsaid by AMER group: Spark Sports branch in Port said located in Porto sporting clubs offers handball and basketball classes with our specialized coaches. 

Diplo 3, Sidi Abdelrahman – Northcoast: During the summer season you can find Spark Sports in Diplo 3 Sidi Abdelrahmen in collaboration with WE train where we offer Handball and Basketball sessions.

How do we get our schedule?

You can find it on our instagram page.

How can I register?

You can apply here

What are the available sports at SPARK?
Now we have Handball, Basketball, Volleyball and soon we will have more sports.
If I want to improve my son’s sports level, Does he have a place in Spark?
You can try our Personal Training sessions with our coaches to provide your child with the best earning experience.
Can you help an individual player to find a chance?
Yes, we are eager to create the best programs for the beginners. We help them learn everything they need to know and help them become professional players.
My son has played sports before and I want him to join the team, is it easy to do so?
At spark we are offering volleyball and handball teams for your advanced child. We are happy to see them grow and play with other professional athletes and learn from the best coaches.

We are offering you or your kids to join our basketball teams if they are advanced. We will hold a basketball tryout and if they pass we would be very happy to have them in our teams.