Spark Sports is a specialized sporting company that is managed by a group of professional athletes and staff with years of local and international experience. The company’s background comes from a solid base that is provided by its 4 founders and head coaches that played sports professionally nationally and internationally for 15+ years, in addition to 10+ in the sports management field. We aim to engage the player in our sports services in a way to develop them both mentally and physically.


To revolutionize the sports industry, by offering a unique learning experience that includes kids, parents, coaches, youth players, and also professional players. 

Also to become the leading Sports development program across the region, with the aim to build top notch players in different sports that have the technical skills, character and confidence needed to understand, and thrive in the modern game


Our goal is to nurture young talented players starting from the age of 5 to learn, stay fit and follow a healthy lifestyle by bringing them the best opportunities to play and enjoy the sport.

To bring the love and passion of Sports to our players while instilling core values and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Also to work with the players to make them ready for sports career and prepare them for the highest levels of the sport.


  • Determination: having the courage to follow your dreams to the fullest, having the mental strength, self discipline, and determination to overcome obstacles and work towards achieving your goal. 
  • Honesty: we are honest with ourselves and others in order to compete in a fair honest way.
  • Respect: we always show respect for each other, for ourselves, for the opposition team, and for our referees. We teach them sportsmanship, shaking hands with our fellow opponents, and supporting our team in a respectful manner.
  • Passion: we teach them to give 100% effort, they learn to compete with their heart and soul and never give up. 
  • Teamwork: we teach them that everyone should be treated equally, supporting your teammates with respect ensures that they have fun and achieve our goals. 
  • Self-belief:  we teach them to always believe they can achieve all of their goals and gain the confidence and self-belief in order to succeed.


Programs at our academy are distributed in 4 levels : Beginners, intermediate, advanced, and Private Sessions. Beginners are best for kids aged from 5-7 and are made to create a fun and playful experience. Intermediate is for kids aged from 8-11 and are made to balance skill training, fun while providing a deeper understanding for the games and rules. Advanced are for kids teenagers 12-16 and it prepares the kid to compete in the sport while still having fun. 

Kids aged from 5-8 are allowed to play Basketball, Handball, and Volleyball with no performance training.  

Kids aged from 8-16 can play all 4 sports. 2 packages are available to: the first package is for beginners which are 2 times any sport plus one performance training. 

 The second package is from intermediate which is 3 times any sport plus one performance training. We also offer a multi-sports program, in order to let them try all our sports and make their choice.